In 2009, Peaceknots owner, Melissa, began making jewelry as gifts for her friends & family.   It wasn't until 2014 when Melissa began to feel confident selling her designs online.  Since 2014 she has attended craft shows & farmers markets through out San Diego.  Her designs are inspired by nature & her love of the outdoors.  She ensures each jewelry piece is wearable during all of life's adventures. 


          Macrame pieces are handwoven with nylon cord and available in over 59 colors.  All pieces are durable, lightweight and comfortable against the skin.  Beaded jewelry is all hand woven one bead at a time.      

    Melissa's passion is teaching others the joy of jewelry making.  If you are interested in private lessons or group lessons for macrame, beading or embroidery stitch then please contact her directly through the contact page.  
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