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     Peaceknots was created in 2009, but officially began when Melissa attended her first craft show at San Diego Made in 2014.  Melissa is a San Diego based artisan and photographer who loves creating handmade macramé jewelry and handmade beaded jewelry.  Her design approach is to create one of a kind jewelry that will last through all of life's adventures.  She tests her products in the elements of water and every day wear and tear to ensure that her jewelry can be worn while hiking or a night out on the town!   

"My dream is for all USA handmade artists to overtake the Amazon's of the world"  

When you make a purchase from Peaceknots you are supporting a woman's dream and the local community of San Diego.  Most macramé and beaded jewelry you see online today, is massed produced in 3rd world countries from businesses who advertise they are supporting the men and women who are making their jewelry. Instead, they are exploiting low wages. 


  If you are looking for a San Diego jewelry artist to fill your shop, contact Melissa through our contact page.  Melissa also loves to teach macramé basics and beginner to advanced beadwork to anyone interested.  You can check out Peaceknots Youtube channel here












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