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What's Behind the Name Peaceknots?

When I first started making jewelry in my free time I knew right away that this was my passion. Making something from nothing but beads & cords into something beautiful & tangible feels so rewarding. I'm also impressed that there is a craft that keeps me still, in my chair for hours. Anyone who knows me best knows that I can't sit still! I'm not sure if my brain or my body moves the fastest. Sitting down & focusing on each creative piece allows my brain to slow down & only focus on what is in front of me. My body then just goes with the flow.

The name Peaceknots came to me pretty quickly & very early on in the process. Most of my jewelry is made of knots, macrame knots to be exact. Macrame is a technique of crafting different knots from textiles to create a functional shape. Most pieces consist of 100's of knots just within one unit. When I'm creating, this zen moment waves over me & its almost as if I'm in another world. My brain shuts off from reality & I'm only focused on the cords between my fingers. Peace. Peacefulness. Peaceknots.

The simplicity of the name correlates with the simplicity I strive for in my designs. I like jewelry that I can wear for every occasion & never take it off if I don't want to. I want jewelry to be lightweight. I want jewelry that can withstand the morning shower, the hike in the afternoon, work until I'm exhausted & end the day with a skate session. That is Peaceknots jewelry.

Peace & happiness -


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